By , May 19, 2010

The Joint Council on Transit Wireless Communications is a newly formed organization devoted to assisting the passenger transportation industry with their wireless communications needs.  We are a non-advocacy group dedicated to information exchange.  Participation from all interested parties is welcome.  To ensure that we effectively assist transportation providers with their needs in the rapidly changing field of wireless communications, we particularly promote the involvement of public and private transit organizations, non-emergency medical transport, senior transit, school buses, taxicabs and  limousine companies.

Join us to be kept informed on wireless communications, and to help us provide a collective voice for addressing the wireless communications needs of passenger transportation providers!


Vision and Mission

The vision of the Joint Council on Transit Wireless Communications is to be the collective voice committed to addressing transit industry wireless communications needs. Transit industry wireless communications needs have too often been not adequately represented in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulatory process, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funding, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) emergency planning, and equipment standards.

Our mission is to assure that the transit industry wireless communications needs are continuously met through information sharing. This sharing of information is in both directions — to and from transportation providers and other groups, including government, manufacturers, and service providers.

Participation of a wide range of transportation providers and other industry and government representatives is essential for the Joint Council to achieve this vision and mission!



Joint Council actions are coordinated by General Council officers elected by Joint Council participants. The Council is comprised of volunteers from public and private passenger transportation agencies, manufacturer and service companies that support these agencies, and liaisons to other industry associations and government agencies with overlapping interests.  As a newly formed group, our organization is evolving.  View our most recent Organization Chart.


Sources of Funding and Other Assistance

Joint Council funding for 2009 through 2011 comes from the TCRP and the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP).  The TCRP is sponsored by the FTA and carried out under a three-way agreement among The National Academies, acting through its Transportation Research Board (TRB); the Transit Development Corporation, an educational and research arm of APTA; and the FTA.  Although TRB administers the NCHRP, the state departments of transportation fund, select, and oversee the research.  TCRP and NCHRP funds are provided to reimburse transportation providers for their participation in Joint Council activities.

Read about the origin of the Joint Council.

All Joint Council officers and participants are volunteers.  View a list of participating organizations.