What is NOT Required

By , May 22, 2010

There is substantial confusion regarding the requirements under the UHF/VHF narrowbanding mandate.  The following is NOT required to meet the mandate:

  • You do NOT need to change to new radio frequencies (or channels)
  • You do NOT need to change from analog to digital or P-25
  • You do NOT need to change from conventional radio to a trunked system
  • You PROBABLY DO NOT need to replace radios and associated equipment that has been purchased since 1997.  Beginning in 1997, the FCC only certified narrowband-capable equipment — this equipment will only need to be re-programmed.  However, some dealers may have continued to sell older stock beyond this date, so ask your supplier if you’re not sure.

Depending on the circumstances unique to your license(s), you may want to explore the above alternatives.  Some transit agencies are choosing to move to other bands rather than stay in the UHF and/or VHF bands – there is no “one-fits-all” solution!