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By , July 22, 2010

Cellular Telephones

A growing number of passenger transportation providers are relying solely on cellular networks for communication with their fleets. For users, the capital costs associated with cellular telephones and other devices are much lower than the capital costs associated with a private radio system. However, the dependability of cellular devices may be less than for private radios due to dead zones and network congestion during unusual events when everyone else is also trying to make calls.

The chances that your critical cell-phone calls will go through can be greatly increased with Wireless Priority Service (WPS).  At this time, WPS is only for voice calls, but there are plans for adding priority service for data such as vehicle positioning in the future.

The rapid evolution of cellular technology makes comparisons between this and other communication technologies quite challenging, and in need of frequent update.

Additional Topics

The Joint Council is dedicated to providing wireless communications information to the passenger transportation provider community. As a recently formed volunteer organization, there are many topics we have plans to expand on. We also welcome your input, both with respect to topics of interest, and helpful references from government and non-profit sources that may be included on this website.  Please join us in sharing helpful information!