Technology Committee

By , September 15, 2010

Chair: Jim Baker, Xenventure

Vice-Chair: Jim Allison, Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority

The Technology Committee is responsible for researching and analyzing current and emerging wireless broadband technologies, assessing their impact on wireless communications within the passenger surface transport sector, and providing independent and unbiased opinion to transit operators in conjunction with other Joint Council committees. This committee will also:

  • Author white papers and pertinent technical reference materials regarding wireless technologies and infrastructure that address the future of transportation, and their scalability to suit a full range of needs within a transit organization;
  • Develop business case studies for mobile data applications pertinent to road and rail transport systems, and relevant financial and technical planning tools for deployment and monetization;
  • Establish and maintain close technical cooperation and information exchange with mobile network operators, and mobile industry associations;
  • Interact with academic institutions, technology vendors, vehicle manufacturers, integrators, mobile carriers and mass transit operators on technical matters;
  • Work towards the formulation of a technical roadmap and blue print for wireless communication best practice within the passenger transport industry.